Introducing IHR® Business Rewards from IHG® Rewards


We believe in celebrating the unsung hero – those who book accommodation, meetings and events for others. It’s our belief that unsung heroes like you should be recognised for everything you do. You deserve to be congratulated, celebrated and rewarded. And that’s why we’ve designed IHG Business Rewards.

Great Reasons to join IHG® Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards Benefits

Whether you are a sports league parent reserving team accommodations or a professional planner organizing an international meeting, we want to reward you for booking with IHG® on behalf of others. Each hotel room you reserve, meeting you plan, or event you organize with a participating hotel could earn you points through IHG® Business Rewards.

Fast-track your Membership Status
  • Reach IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite with only 10,000 points
  • Reach Platinum Elite with only 40,000 points
Earn 3 points per $1USD
  • Earn rewards by booking travel for yourself and on behalf of others
Redeem Points for Rewards
  • Redeem rewards through the global IHG® Rewards Club redemption catalogue
Access to IHG® Participating Hotels Worldwide
  • Gain access to over 4,700 hotels in almost 100 countries around the world*
Manage Just One Account
  • One membership number for all of your rewards programs
  • Online access to all upcoming events and reservations that you book

Earning is Effortless with IHG® Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards offers points on bookings you make on behalf of others. No booking is too small* and there is no minimum qualifying threshold. This means you can be rewarded for everything from booking a one night hotel room to planning a large conference at one of our participating hotels. We believe all your booking needs are important, so we reward you no matter the size.

+ Find out more
Earn for booking with us:
  • 3 points for every $1 USD spent on qualified guest rooms, meeting space and food and beverage.
  • Priority access to exclusive member offers.
  • Automatic enrollment in IHG® Rewards Club – the industry’s first and largest guest loyalty program. You’ll have one membership number for both programs, and all your points will appear in one place.
  • Rewards for being a booker and a stayer. Earn points when you book guest rooms or meetings on behalf of others (IHG® Business Rewards) or personal stays for yourself (IHG® Rewards Club).
  • Access to a worldwide network of participating IHG® hotels.
  • Accelerated path to IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite, Platinum Elite* and Spire Elite status. Points are accumulated for both booking and/or staying with us.**


Points earned through IHG® Business Rewards can be redeemed for personal or company rewards from the IHG® Rewards Club catalog. Plus, IHG® Business Rewards earnings add into your overall IHG® Rewards Club point total, so you can reward yourself even faster!
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